Doctor's Best Hydrolyzed Keratin Keraglo, Strengthen, Nourish, Hydrates Hair, High Potency 500mg, 60 Count

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Brand: Doctor's Best


  • REVITALIZE YOUR BEAUTY INSIDE AND OUT – Hydrolyzed Keratin is formulated to help increase the strength of your hair, the elasticity of your skin, and grow stronger nails
  • KERATIN IS A PROTEIN - keratin is such a large part of hair, nails and skin, it’s noticeable when depleted or damaged (dry, brittle, frizzy hair; thin, easily broken nails, fine skin wrinkles).
  • KERATIN FOR HEALTHY HAIR - supplementing with hydrolyzed keratin can help restore hair brightness, density and volume by bonding with hair strands and lustrous-looking hair. The protein in your hair gets damaged from cleansers, chemical treatments and heat styling, which can result in dryness, and reduced elasticity
  • KERATIN FOR NAIL HEALTH - may help restore nail health and appearance
  • KERATIN FOR GLOWING SKIN - makes skin strong, flexible and maintains a water-retaining skin moisture barrier
  • Non-GMO / Gluten Free / Soy Free
  • Keratin is a registered trademark of Nutriscience Innovations, LLC.
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Details: Our hair is comprised of 80%-95% keratin. Age-related decline as well as damage from styling products and tools can result in less stable and flexible hair, leaving hair prone to dryness and breakage. Doctor's Best hydrolyzed keratin contains Keratin hydrolyzed keratin is a beauty-from-within ingredient which helps strengthen and nourish your hair. It is formulated with amino Acids to nurture lustrous-looking hair, while also encouraging hair brightness, density and volume by bonding with hair strands. Let your lavish locks shine!

Package Dimensions: 3.7 x 2.1 x 2.0 inches

Binding: Health and Beauty