Doctor's Best Collagen Types 1 & 3 with Peptan, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Soy Free, Supports Hair, Skin, Nails, Tendons & Bones, 1000 Mg, 540 Tablets

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Brand: Doctor's Best


  • DOCTOR’S BEST COLLAGEN TYPES 1 AND 3 contains BSE-Free hydrolyzed collagen protein, which contributes to the growth and maintenance of healthy tissues.* Collagen, the most abundant protein in our bodies, is referred to as the glue that holds us together as it is found in our skin, bones, muscles, blood vessels and digestive system. Collagen is the structural protein essential for the strength and flexibility of bones, joints, tendons, ligaments, hair, skin, nails, and other tissues throughout the body.* Vitamin C is added to the formula as an important nutrient required for collagen synthesi
  • SUPPORTS HAIR, SKIN & NAILS - adding collagen to your diet may help improve the strength, elasticity, and moisture in your skin which reduces the appearance of wrinkles.
  • SUPPORT FOR JOINT COMFORT, MOBILITY & QUALITY OF LIFE – Collagen assists with the conversion of essential nutrients in forming various tissues needed for strong muscles, skin and joints.*
  • ENHANCES YOUR SKIN HEALTH – Collagen is a naturally occurring protein in the body that helps to repair skin and keep it strong. As we age, our natural production slows down but certain lifestyle factors can also contribute to the breakdown of collagen, making our skin appear dull and quickens the aging process.
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Details: There are a number of different types of collagen; the most prevalent two in the human body are types I and III. In fact, type I collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body - it is present in almost every type of tissue.1 Bone contains almost exclusively type I collagen. The collagen network in bone confers structural strength to bone tissue and prevents bone fragility. Deficient or defective collagen production, as can occur with aging, is a risk factor for fractures and other bone deformities. Type I collagen is also the major protein found in skin connective tissue where it is responsible for providing skin with its tensile strength and resiliency. Type III collagen is found at high levels in cardiovascular tissue and also in newly developing skin. It is essential for the proper development of the cardiovascular system and skin tissue. Types I and III collagen are often found together in the same tissues, as each form complements the structural integrity of the other. Vitamin C is required for the synthesis of collagen and participates at nearly every step of the process.

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