ATTITUDE Baby Dish Soap, Non-toxic, Plant-based, Eco-Friendly, Fragrance-Free, Sweet Lullaby, 23.7 Fl Oz

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  • Your perfect baby dish soap: our eco-friendly baby bottle detergent is made with plant-based ingredients like saponin to effectively remove breast milk and formula residue and odors without leaving a film
  • Baby bottle soap that scored a: our formula is made with safe ingredients based on EWG ingredient evaluations. Graded a on EWG's guide to healthy cleaning
  • Safe for Sensitive skin: Free of artificial fragrances, our baby bottle dish liquid is also hypoallergenic so it won't leave your hands cracked, chapped or itchy
  • Environmentally friendly: biodegradable. Certified eco-friendly by logo for its reduced impact on the environment - Our bottles are made with recyclable plastic
  • Vegan and cruelty-free: 100% vegan, PETA certified – Proudly vegan and never tested on animals.
  • CO2 neutral: no contribution to climate change
  • Septic tank safe

Details: ATTITUDE Baby dish soap sweet lullaby is designed to effectively remove milk residue, grease and odors on baby bottles and other accessories. Safe to use, eco-friendly and hypoallergenic it is graded a on EWG's guide to healthy cleaning, so you can have peace of mind when using our baby-friendly dishwashing liquid to clean your feeding items. Try today Our healthy alternative to traditional baby dish soap.

Package Dimensions: 9.2 x 3.8 x 2.5 inches

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